Rise Above What the Critics Have to say

No matter what we do there will always be others who criticize. Sometimes it’s constructive criticism and other times it’s envy. The bottom line is, we will be criticized at some point, perhaps not attempting to do anything can avoid the criticism. Some may go overboard with their criticism. Some may just be overly competitive. Which can cause a breakdown. In fact a lot of critics are quite competitive. 

We simply have to find a way to tune the ones who sound more like haters than ones giving sound advice and suggestions. After awhile we become accustomed to the nick picking. Even when we see some of the most ridiculous things we’ll be able to surpass the nonsense. If we focus on “prosperity” and concern ourselves with development then we will be able to “rise up.” Yes, the more we elevate, the more noise we’re. That’sa good sign. We’re doing something right. 

Critics can let us know if we’re performing or not. If there’s haters then there’s progress. No matter how tough things become. We shouldn’t think about giving up. Taking a much needed break is helpful. It’s important to keep moving forward. Even if there’s shouts from the sidelines. There will always be someone who will be supportive. There will be privately supporters. Not wanting everyone to know that they’re being supportive. 

Even if we do just a little a few days out of the week. We’re making progress. We don’t have to over work ourselves. Simply finding a smart way to work is quite sufficient. There’s progress when some action is taking place. Some will move slower than others. That’s alright. We all won’t work the same but the objective is to make it to the top. We have to believe in our capabilities. Believe that we can achieve great things and we will.

Staying focused is key. Of course there may be times when we get off focus. There’s always a way to be revived. No matter what anyone has to say. It’s very important to rest. No one needs to wear down just because they’re trying to accomplish some goals or tasks. Resting doesn’t equal laziness. The body needs rest. The mind needs rest. Otherwise we wouldn’t be functional. 

Always believe in what you’re doing. Believe in the dream, vision, invention etc. Yes, there will be some harsh words thrown around, some may try to hinder the process. Finding ways to tune out the noise will create more productivity. No matter what’s said. We must always remain confident. Everyone has an opportunity to achieve something. Some will choose to achieve greatness. 

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