Rise Above Despite the Loathing Going on

I’m going to continue to believe in myself says, “T. Paulk” 

Tanikka Paulk

Never allow anyone to dull the shine. The critics can go ahead and criticize but just think that they'[re so in tuned with the person they’re chasing. That’s right! See if there’s no haters then a person isn’t doing enough. The haters come out when there’s movement in which they’re not thrilled with. Any “progress” can irritate the ones who have a difficult time competing obviously. They’re busy trying to compete and say, “Nowhere but I’m already somewhere. When a person is obviously going somewhere because they’re producing “creativity. “Smile at all the hate and know that God gave “you” some gifts.” Why else would they be tagging along. 

It’s my time and I’m so sorry that so many are disappointed with my decision making. Oh well, it’s my life, so thanks. Isn’t there anything else the busy bodies can do? The online paparazzi gosh. They’re more irritating then the ones who take many photographs even when the celebrities scream. What’s the deal? All “up” in my email and can anyone believe that these people really commit cyber crimes? Yes, they’ve committed the crimes, perhaps because they haven’t received their sentencing yet they’ll continue on. 

What’s funny is some go to prison for many years and aren’t causing all sorts of havoc but the ones who continue to commit all sorts of crimes are on the outside. Just doing whatever it is they like to do. Of course some of it boils down to race. African Americans are more likely to receive higher sentencing than any other race. I’m “African American” and they’ve tried to claim my work and give my work to another race. African Americans have also been hating. 

My posts would disappear and removed. Moved up and down as if there’s some sort of magician. Low down’s that’s what I’m calling these people. They’re nuisances. Causing all sorts of trouble through technology. Trying to be “patient” with the individuals but it appears that there’s no more laws. So all citizens should go right ahead and be out of control. Just tear down the city. No laws. That’s why they continue to harass others and cause disturbances. 

The sad thing is. “There’s proof” of their antics but justice comes. If not in court then God will make sure that He supplies His own justice. Some aren’t stable. Their minds aren’t healthy that’s why they spend every single day trying to make a person’s life a living hell. Causing a further decline with the economy. A lot of smart folks out there. They’re “continuing” to demonstrate just how smart they are. They are the ones who do what’s described in the article which is written by: 

Tanikka Paulk

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