The Road to Victory and Prosperity

Failure is just a matter of the mind. If one thinks failure then failure will occur. Not making attempts is failure. All fear must be removed and there should be a decision to proceed no matter what occurs. The journey may be long and oh yes there will be lots of adversity to deal with. Some days may seem longer than others. “In order to achieve there will have to be removals.” the removals include thoughts and individuals. The battle isn’t won by indulging in every matter which occurs. 

Not every situation will need attention. The journey isn’t an easy to travel and in due time there will be a cease to all of the stresses which can come along when traveling on an intense “journey.” There will be times when one will have to come in contact with some very difficult people. Finding the best ways to deal with such individuals is helpful. It’s fortunate when some decide to make the journey more difficult but even when the chaos comes rolling in. The confidence shouldn’t leave. 

There’s nothing wrong with following a dream and nothing wrong with allowing a vision to blossom. Of course some may not be pleased with what’s taking place. That’s why so many refuse to get on the road to better. Afraid to discover. Growth should occur and anyone who constantly tries to hinder growth isn’t doing themselves any favors. There should be “building up.” There efforts to try and create a better and stronger society. That’s why dreamers should continue to not only dream but to make sure the dream is veing developed. 

Focusing on what the crowd is doing is a mistake. The ones who aren’t pleased with the progress will probably be the ones trying to chop a dream down. These are some of the things that can occur when on the travel. So many lose their way by focusing on what the critics are saying. The critics will say whatever they feel slow the progress down or stop the dream altogether. Remain focused and think about the rewards down the line. With “continuous action” they’ll surely come. 

No matter how many try to stop a dream any individual who is filled with “determination” can accomplish the dream. Keep believing and don’t worry about what the critics have to say. Their goal is to prevent, hinder, and stop the growth. There are many reasons why they’ll try to do so. The efforts are meaningless unless the one on the journey is willing to give the individuals the control over their actions and mind. 

“Continue on and be of good courage.” Soon enough the battle will be won and there will be a lot accomplished. Even when it appears as if there is no movement. There is. When it seems as if a person is going nowhere, they’re already somewhere, every step is a way to get towards the victory line. There has to be motivation and a desire to make it from here to there. Every action is important. The battle will be won with positive thinking and actions. 

“The journey isn’t for everyone and some may not realize that they’re not suppose to travel on the journey and that’s why they’ll continue to run into problems.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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