Roy Moore’s fake news, the denial and desperation news conference?

Did you hear Roy Moore’s fake news today, the denial and desperation news conference? Roy Moore’s denial is becoming a wishful thinking sham. His lawyer spins a web of deceit. Making Roy Moore into the victim. With the use of at least 30 “ya, all’s” the lawyers are asking for Alabama people to stand behind this child molester. Just so that a Republican wins. At all costs, it’s all about winning. Then they go into a rant of Trumplike sayings, “Let’s make America great again”, with mention of Abortion, Supreme Court Justice openings and a rant about transgenders. This anti-woman, we don’t believe the women. At last count, I think its 8 other women who accuse Roy of the same thing. Why do you think they kicked him out of the mall in the first place?
A bunch of “good ole boys” making excuses for a man who was a sexual predator. Deny, deny. It’s a way to sweep it under the rug. And any Alabamian who votes for Moore is of the same mindset. They would rather win with a man who routinely sought out underage girls. Alabama the world is watching. What will you do? They came up with

They called any questioning of this wonderful man to be equated with the “Jerry Springer show.”
Do you want to know why so many women are coming forward? It’s because creeps like Roy Moore kept using their power over defenseless girls. Women are getting sick of being pawed by men who have a sexual problem. Imagining that the women had reciprocal feeling for them. and with #MeToo the country is coming out, finally, women are speaking up.

Even our President isn’t calling out Roy Moore. Because our President had the same problem, he can’t keep his hands to himself. Why did 17 women come forward and yet the deplorables voted him in any way? Shame on you Trumper’s base. Today he said that Roy Moore denies the charges. Something he has done to the women who accuse him.

Our President said that he is very happy that it’s coming out. It’s good for our country. But he doesn’t believe the women who accuse men like Moore and Trump. What a sad day in America.

So the message to every man in this country is, ‘KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF OF OUR BODIES” Got it? If not we’ll see you in court. We aren’t going to take it anymore.

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