Russian Campbell Dwarf Hamster Colors

Russian Campbell Dwarf Hamster Colors often interest people who want to be able to quickly identify these small creatures. Some people may have a preference for the wild color of the hamster. 

Russian Campbell Dwarf Hamster Colors also interest people who are mating or breeding hamsters. People who have hamsters as pets may wish to know what colors the offspring might have. 

The Campbell Dwarf Hamster usually has a stripe running right down its back. The exception is the all white Campbell Dwarf, which is caused by an albino gene.


Russian Campbell Dwarf Hamster Colors

Russian Campbell Dwarf Hamster Colors


Russian Campbell Hamster Colors- Wild Color

A Campbell Russian Dwarf Hamster that is mated with another with which it does not share any common mutant genes will produce babies that have their natural wild shade. The  Russian Campbell Dwarf Hamster has a white or off white belly matched with grey brown on top as their wild color.


Russian Dwarf Hamster Colors- Recessive Genes

A Russian Campbell Dwarf Hamster usually has eyes that are black. The exception is the albino, which has red eyes. The albino gene is a recessive gene. Other recessive genes can produce colors such as:

Smoky gray

Black with white tipped ears or paws


Cream with brown tips


A Campbell Russian Hamster that has a beautiful full black coat may sometimes develop a stunning silver coat as it grows older. Older and younger hamsters can be kept entertained in specially designed habitats like this.  Those are good if you have one or two hamsters. The dwarf hamsters are social and will live together in harmony. Lovely ginger-beige and ginger-blue hamsters may result from the mating of two hamsters with different recessive genes.



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