Safe Mosquito Control

Safe mosquito control is possible and that too without the hazard of chemical pesticides.

Mosquitoes are known to spread malaria, the deadly disease which took a toll of millions in history. Mosquito bites could result in more than irritating sensations, they are a source of deadly diseases. Often which could sweep huge populations of people. These epidemic diseases were deadly where our ancient generations did not know how to tackle them.

Somehow human’s battle against these deadly insects never seem to cease. They have survived chemical sprays and pesticides, it is becoming increasingly difficult to exterminate them.

Summit Mosquito Dunks 5 Packs of 20 Dunks (100 total)
Summit Mosquito Dunks 5 Packs of 20 Dunks (100 total)

Eradicating mosquitoes could be a life time project. Mosquitoes can be found in every nook and corner of the earth, especially in the warm, tropical climates.

Mosquitoes breed in standing water. Ponds, rain water and barrels can easily become a convenient den of mosquito larvaes. To prevent mosquito larvae to transform into adult insect, using Mosquito Dunks certified organic by USEPA has proved efficient and effective. They are harmless to many beneficial insects and other forms of wild life like birds and fish. They do not cause any harm to pets as well. They are very effectual and last for one month. Effective on a 100 square feet surface area they can be put into fish ponds, birdbaths, hydroponic systems and rain barrels used to store water. Please note that they will not kill adult mosquitoes. For adult mosquitoes use Mosquito Bits. Use them generously over puddles and any water feature.

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