Safer Screen Time Wearing The PROSPEK Blue Light Blocking Glasses

PROSPEK Blue Light Blocking Glasses
So everybody knows that staring at a computer monitor or mobile screen (phone/tablet) for hours on end isn’t good on the eyes. Especially since the average American is doing this over 7 hours a day — that’s pretty scary. The result is eye strain, fatigue and headaches, which would be great to avoid since nobody is going to give up looking. But since it’s the blue light that’s causing all the grief, wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to block the blue light so it wasn’t reaching you and let the rest of the light through without it being heavily tinted or color altered? Sure, just put on a pair of Spektrum’s PROSPEK Blue Light Blocking Glasses.

The PROSPEK Blue Light Blocking Glasses filters out blue light while leaving the “good” light alone. So you’re not looking at the world through rose colored glasses, as it were, because there’s only minimal yellow tinting of these lenses. You’re just seeing seeing things with the blue light taken out. This doesn’t cause any great problems or has a steep learning curve; just put them on and go back to staring at that screen. But now there’ll be less eye strain, less probability of having dry eyes and your sleep might even improve. So it’s time to give blue light the heave-ho.

Also, while lightweight due to the frame’s polycarbonate construction, the glasses do have a durable but flexible frame because it knows it’s being worn by those who normally don’t have anything on their face (and so have no muscle memory for handling glasses gingerly).

Besides blocking out the unwanted 50% that is blue light, the glasses have been coated to block out 100% of UV light . They’re also scratch resistant as well as having an anti-reflective coating and so fight against glare and fog. Additionally, they work against screen flicker, are fingerprint resistant (many know the constant fight against smudges!) as well as blocking electromagnetic radiation. Boy, that’s a lot.

These blue light blocking glasses comes in a variety of designs: Dynamic, Arctic, Artist, Wayfarers, Cateyes, Pro, Teenager Pro, Kids – Action Star Jr. and MovieStar Jr. These retail from $39.95 – $44.95. There’s also a magnified model (Pro Readers/$39.95) and a clip on (Pro Clips/$37.95).

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