Saying Farewell to Jon Stewart

Must admit the news about Jon Stewart leaving The Daily Show upset me.

When news broke that Jon Stewart publicly announced he was leaving The Daily Show, I did not laugh.  Thought it was a bad joke and wasn’t certain if the report was to be believed.  It shouldn’t have upset me. Stopped watching the show years ago. Literally. It was years ago. We don’t have cable TV and even when we did, my significant other (SO) was “lord of the remote control”, most of the time and he often never tuned in at the right time.  However, there was once a time when faithful viewing of The Daily Show was a part of my regular R&R schedule. (R&R =rest and relaxation.) Watched it because Mr. Stewart’s insights about current events were indeed very insightful and he made it entertaining. To my SO’s credit though, whenever there was a politically hot topic that he couldn’t make heads or tails out of, he would say – “Let’s see if Jon Stewart is discussing this!”  The fact that Stewart had the ability to wrap very serious matters in a cloak of humor and still get you to understand exactly what was going on in the real world is a “gift”. He was truly gifted. Was it him? Was it his script writers? Was it both? Whoever! Somebody seemed to always know what was going down!!  Always figured it was him.  It was his show.  He had the final say so.


* My Personal Note to Jon Stewart: *

At any rate, Jon Stewart has made a decision without consulting me on the matter. But as long as his wife desires to stay with him, then my input, or rather non-input, is of no consequence.

There is a lot of buzz about people who could replace Jon StewartPish posh!  You stand in a league all by yourself.  To borrow a couple of well-used words which are very appropriate for this situation, you are “untouchable” and “irreplaceable”.  That is a genuinely sincere compliment.  The Daily Show will not be the same without you. In my humble opinion, with you gone there is no show.

Are you sure you won’t reconsider, Mr. Stewart?  No?

Oh well!  If that’s the case …

Wish you success in your future endeavors!!

P.S.  Happy Valentine’s Day!  😥  

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