The whole purpose of a security camera is to capture what it sees effectively and efficiently. That’s why professional models cost big bucks — they don’t play around because what they’re protecting is serious business. One’s home should be just as important, so that’s why the SPOTCAM SENSE PRO INDOOR/OUTDOOR SMART CLOUD CAMERA goes all out on professional features.

For $189.99 you’re not just getting a video camera, but a home monitoring device designed with surveillance in mind. Being able to handle being used indoors or outdoors should be a given (an IP65 rating does more than just flick off droplets) and a simple vertical stick-like shape makes it easy to place wherever needed, be that having it stand on its own or wall mounting it. WiFi enabled so as to avoid cables and placement restrictions, although there’s still a power cord to take into account. But let’s get to “what” it can see because that’s all-important. In the Sense Pro’s case, the lens is a wide-angle: the 155 degree view means a large area can be put under surveillance. Then there’s the night-vision: being able to “see” in the dark requires integrated infrared lighting and lots of it if the camera is to look farther than an couple of inches. So the Sense Pro’s front contains 12 IR LEDs pushing out the invisible light waves. And to help the camera “see” better is the work of a Sony Exmore sensor outputting a 1080p HD video signal, so day or night the image isn’t befuddled by “grain” or “static.” Or force you to try and make out what it’s seeing when immediate recognition could be paramount.

We’re not done with the feature-set yet. The Sense Pro also has environmental sensors for monitoring other things in the home: it can “understand” what the temperature is, what the humidity is, and what the lux light level is and transmit that information onward. That’s the province of using an app (free/iOS-Android) or PC to view in near-real time what the camera is seeing when you want to wherever you have an Internet connection (connected to your home network), or relying on it to send you alerts when its motion detector or other sensor has “caught” something in its view. Scheduling when the camera goes on or off and all the other expected little niceties of control are there, including activating the internal siren should something qualifies as an abnormal situation. And if you want, you can scream at whatever/whoever is causing the ruckus through an internal two way audio system (meaning you can listen to a much milder version of that siren off-site during it all).

And for those wondering whether the Sense Pro records to the “cloud,” it does — with 24 hours recorded in full each and every day. So you can go in and check what was recorded later that day and download it too. This is a free service that will never run out, although at the end of the 24 hours it all gets wiped away so that a new day can be recorded (those wanting multiple days of cloud storage can choose from a series of subscriptions).

The SENSE PRO INDOOR/OUTDOOR SMART CLOUD CAMERA goes well beyond what one of today’s home security/surveillance cameras provides. And when it comes to protecting your home when you’re not there, that’s a very good thing.

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