Security Is Essential For A Peaceful Life!

Who doesn’t want to be secured? A mother secures her child, husband secures the wife, school secures the students and an office secures the employees.

Need of security services

With the increasing crime nowadays it’s vital to provide best and safe security services. Delhi is the capital of India, and with growing development of Delhi, crime rate has also risen. Every day when we read the news or switch on the television, the news of a murder, girl or lady raped and then thrown away, kidnapping of children form schools and harassment of girls are shown.

Today, in Delhi it’s unsafe to travel alone late night, and even drivers are taking advantage of the situation. Theft is very common even in day time.

Facts about crime in Delhi

A report released by the National Crime Records Bureau, stated that Delhi is one of the four highly crime affected cities in India. Incidents like kidnapping for ransom, rape, molestation, abduction and attempted murders. According to a report, about 44.6% of arrested criminals fall into the age group of 18 to 30 years.

How we can reduce the crime or protect our people and save our girls?

Security services provide 24 hours support and assistance to protect people.

Types of services they offer are-

1. Guard services in Delhi- They provide guarding services of the clients, from multinational corporations to hotels, corporate houses, educational institutions, banks, and ATMs. Guards, who are also called as security officers, patrol and inspect the property to protect against fire, terrorism and any illegal activity.

2. Bank security guard services- Some points of this service include-

  • They execute their duty in a disciplined manner.
  • They are present on time, in their prescribed uniform code.
  • They do not compromise on core values of integrity, responsibility and ensure that client assets are safe and secured at all the times.

3. Celebrity services- Companies providing these services specialise in the protection of high profile celebrities, politicians, music artists, royalty and corporate executives. As per the needs of the customers, they hold expertise in providing highly trained and motivated professionals.

4. Event security services- They are actively committed towards offering reliable and trustworthy event security services. For providing utmost security they hire various security guards and train them on various defense tools and techniques.

5. Investigation services- In case of detailed investigation on a sensitive manner, they provide gaming surveillance, private detectives, and solutions for theft and robbery cases. The officers also work as undercover store detectives to prevent theft by customers or employees. Some shopping centres and theatres have officers who patrol their parking lots to detect car theft and robberies.

If you need any additional security due to any reason, at home or office, you can hire security services in Delhi, and can avail the best of the services. Your motto in life should be

“BE SAFE, KEEP SAFE- If you and your city are safe, your people will be safe, and your country will be safe and secured “

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