See the Light With The Yantouch EyE Portable 3-in-1 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Yantouch EyE Portable 3-in-1 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Most people would say that playing music while lying in bed guarantees staying awake. That’s not the case if you have the Yantouch EyE Portable 3-in-1 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, because one of the features deals with just that.

But first let’s touch on the more conventional aspects of this Bluetooth speaker. It contains two drivers for a true stereo response, using a Swiss horn-inspired resonance tube that helps the sound “roll” out with greater clarity and less distortion. Want to control what it does right on the spot? Then use the included remote. Or you can use the free app the company supplies, not just because it’s convenient since you’re using your phone or tablet to supply the speaker with music, but because the app can record light pattern selections that you’ve made. As to what this means, read on.

The EyE provides light, not just sound, making it not just an alarm clock to listen to but one to watch as well. These light patterns range for 16,000,000 colors, which means you aren’t just looking at white but a full spectrum which is under your control. But going past using the xxx as a reading light, it can also function as a sleep aid: emulating such things as a sunset and gradually dimming to help you fall asleep (obviously the audio following suit). Then it reverses the process and gradually simulates a sunrise over a 30 minute period to help you wake more naturally and completely. Will everybody want to do that? Maybe not, but even if one leaves that out, being able to take the NAME to a party and use its 10 hour rechargeable battery to create a light show can be fun (since the light can be made to “dance” to the music).

Now while it hasn’t been mentioned before, it makes perfect sense that this speaker is designed more like a flying saucer than a box: the LED lights dotting the surface and able to projects their light outward more towards 360 degrees than not. The design also seems to make it a bit more durable than other small BT speakers, and that is a good thing. Just don’t be taking it out in the rain or put it too close to the swimming pool or lake if you’re going camping. It’s not waterproof and really isn’t designed for leaving the house, although a balcony/patio or a few steps into the backyard should be fine.

The Yantouch EyE Portable 3-in-1 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker retails for 99.00 and serves sound well, with a surprisingly good amount of bass despite its size (maybe that Swiss horn thing helps). Should you be looking for a light and sound BT speaker that can do double duty on the night table as well as the living room, this could be your best choice.

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