Free TV With The ClearStream 2MAX 
TV Antenna

ClearStream 2MAX 
TV Antenna

Cord cutting is just a clever way of saying goodbye to spending big bucks for cable/satellite services. But that shouldn’t mean also saying goodbye to watching over-the-air television shows in high-definition 1080 resolution with Dolby Digital surround sound (in some cases). Especially since it’s provided free by the U.S.A. All that’s needed is an antenna, a few minutes of setup time and a few more minutes of TV scanning time. And it helps if the antenna is able to do a good job, which is a signature effect of using the ClearStream 2MAX TV Antenna.

So there’s 3 things needed when setting up the antenna: putting it together, deciding where to place it and working out how to aim it towards the broadcast towers. The NAME has a minor bit of assembly and comes with an indoor mount if you want it used inside. That means placing it near a window in the general direction of where the broadcast towers are (the Internet helps to find where your towers are located relative to where you are). That’s not such a big thing because the antenna is multi-directional, rather than needing to be precisely aimed. The coaxial cable (sold separately) is then attached to it and the other end is screwed into the ANT input on the TV and that’s that since there’s no electricity involved.

Now if used outside, then it’s easier to have a clearer view of where the towers are relative to where you place the antenna, and you get what’s needed to mount it and even seal the space made for running its cable from outside into and over to the TV. Plus it’s unobtrusive dark grey look doesn’t call attention to itself. It’s also worth mentioning that the antenna can be placed in an attic, although running the cable from there might require extensions, amplifiers, etc. — obviously your mileage may vary (YMMV).

All modern TVs have a menu that lets the antenna “bring up” the available viewable channels. You just wait for them to appear in the menu, with both broadcast and others appearing. Adjusting the antenna, be it indoors or outside, can cause more channels to appear, so doing a few different tests before accepting the results could prove useful. Again, YMMV.

The ClearStream 2MAX TV Antenna is designed to handle the weather if used outdoors, and it’s unusual shape was designed for urban areas so it expects some obstructions between it and the broadcast tower’s signal. Not to mention having a 60+ mile range for getting hold of that signal and displaying it properly. Because there’s plenty of good stuff to watch on UHF and VHF. So factor in what it does with its ease of setup and the $79.99 retail is more than justified. Especially as it’s paid once and that’s it.

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