Sending Children to Christian Schools – What Difference Does It Make?

These are questions education from a public school are not able to provide answers to, because it doesn’t use the Word of God as its standard and basis for truth. This is one aspect where education from sectarian private schools can make a difference. The basic duty of a Christian school is to see to it that students are equipped with the knowledge that Jesus Christ is the the Lord of all subjects and areas of learning. Students in Christian academe are taught to obey God’s call to become the instruments of transformation in the present society.

As most people know, the purpose of a school is to equip children with the ability to understand the truth, which is generally centered on life and the world we live in. In order to better understand these truths, we need to find answers about the meaning and purpose of life.

Responsibility beyond Teaching Academics

Another responsibility a Christian school puts on its shoulders is to shape the child’s mind and heart. Arguably, all schools carry a vision that they want their students to become successful when they grow up. They don’t merely teach math, literature and sciences, but they also aspire to educate the child’s emotions and to teach them how to live and act. The school has a really great influence in a child’s life.   

As far as Christian education is concerned, one of its most important goals is to lead children and make them understand that God is the center of every human pursuit of knowledge. Furthermore, Christian schools feel it as a duty to challenge students to allow God to mold them into becoming God’s workers in the world. These are the most significant factors that make a difference when you send your child to a Christian school.


As demonstrated and taught by Jesus Christ Himself, children will learn love their neighbors and recognize their needs as individuals.


This is the core of all Christian values. This is demonstrated by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself when He chose to die on the cross so that our sins will be forgiven.

Truth and Honesty

If you ask one thing that God can not do – the answer is lie. God is faithful and true to His words and He wants people to practice truth and honesty in their daily lives.


Humility is a Godly value, not only for students but for all persons to learn and practice. Jesus, in all His glory and majesty chose to serve and not served. He wants people to see that the higher one is in social stature, the more humble he should remain.


Faith is the spring of hope. It is the source of strength. It is an act of believing every word and promise God gave to His people. Christian students should develop faith. Otherwise, their belief in the existence of God is meaningless.

These are the Godly values you can certainly expect from committed Christian institutions of learning such as the Denver Christian schools. These are not required by government standards. A god Christian school really works to mold students into the persons their parents want them to be. 

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