SEO: Why Buy Old Domain Names- Better than New Ones

Old domain names are in high demand among web masters who know their value. A new domain name does not have the same level of trustworthiness, in the eyes of the search engines, as an older domain name.


SEO Why Buy Old Domain Names Better than New Ones

SEO Why Buy Old Domain Names Better than New Ones


This does not mean that sites with a new domain name will always rank poorly, however having an older domain name can positively influence the ranking of a site.

Make sure your domain name is not solely composed of keywords- Google looks out for this and as of 2012, they have penalized websites that do this. The top search engines sometimes sandbox websites built on new domains while they investigate the site.

Google sandboxing has a negative influence on a site’s rankings. A new site subjected to Google sandboxing will drop down the rankings dramatically, while Google is investigating the site. Sites may improve their original ranking after coming out of the Google sandbox.

During this time, the site will lose significant revenue due to the traffic lost. Websites on cat health, beauty or gaming that are built on old domain names are less likely to have this happen to them. Apart from Google, there are other search engines that have a bias towards old domain names. Bing likes old domain names with a good record.

Old domain names are sometimes available for sale on the internet. If you look online, you may be able to find an old domain that matches the theme of your website and is available for purchase.

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