Sergeant Not General (Funny Editor Poem)

Sergeant. Not general.

Soldier not king.

I train men to fight.

I don’t plot and scheme.

I don’t make the rules.

I make you a team.


Sergeant not General

Sergeant Runbum

I’m better than you.

Not all.

I’m sergeant. Not general. Don’t salute, private.

But most.

I’m here to lead, private.

Not rule.

Nor boast.


I’m a sergeant.

Not a general.

A warrior.

Not a planner.

I’ll live under no jailer.

As some nine-to-five failure.


So I’m your worst terror.

Now get it together.


Not general.

I accept no failure.

I teach. You learn.


“Learn! Increase what we earn.”

Your new drill sergeant editor,


Here to serve.


Well, there it is.

A poem I’m actually proud of.

Unlike the last.

And in draft, many others.

Out-of-wedlock children. * (Management edit – see note below.)man-211505_640And their mother.


If you want Daily Two Cents.

To earn you a living,money-652560_640

Like sisters and brothers.

Pull together to win this.

If we get our act straight.

We can make this site pay.


Obey my orders!

And click that last link.


tiger-742417_640Due to insomnia.

I’m a big waste of space.

Wasting time now.

So back another day.


Same place.



Signing off.


“Runbum”, we are watching you.

(For real this time.)


(images from Pixabay, edit mine)


* Edit by management due to violation of family content guidelines.

Be aware that you are being closely monitored, “Runbum”.

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