Being taken seriously

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Being ignored an important staff meeting will make you angry and frazzled.  If this happens at home, you may tear your hair out.

You may wonder how some people get attention by simply strutting into a room, while you hardly get one person to turn his head.

You can have the same effect on others, if you do not commit the errors that undermine your seriousness.

Perhaps you have not kept your word. You may say that you want to clear your room, but never seem to get it done. You may say that you want to fix the lights, but it never seems to happen. People are more likely to take you seriously if you do what you say you would.

You may have problems following through on projects. If you never finish any you start, people will find it difficult to value your words and promises.

Others will find it difficult to count on you if you keep making excuses for not getting something done. Avoiding projects, tasks and advice leads others not to regard what you say.

If you have made these missteps, you can redirect them and get others to value your words.

Follow through on your promises. Instead of informing people about what you are going to do, tell them about what you have done. People will tend to take you more seriously and grant you more responsibilities.

Ask yourself why you make excuses and avoid tasks. Seek help if you need a little push to get them done. Resolve to complete what you set out to do.

A little resolve will get you the full attention you deserve.


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