We Shall Overcome at What Point

There’s been promises that “African Americans” shall overcome the struggles which we continue to face regarding racism, discrimination, and unfair treatment. The unfairness is quite obvious and there’s no denying that we’re not treated right. How can so many injustices continue to take place? How can the protect and serve deny us the right to be protected? Rights being violated and some are unwilling to stand up afraid of losing their things. So there has to be a person who refuses to be treated like garbage. 

Hate doesn’t even sound like a nice word. Imagine all the ones who faced slavery the beatings and the hangings of course these things still occur today. There’s no hiding their discrimination. If there’s no closeness with God and Jesus Christ then we too will hate. In order to stay sane there needs to be prayer and focus on creating some positive changes. If we’re hated and which we are then there should be focus on live the people more. 

Not tolerating the abuse and disrespect. The same group of people will go against their own. Speaking about African Americans. There should be “unification” and not the envy because some are trying to do better. All the hate in the world can not stop what the Creator of Mankind has declared. So no matter how many attacks are projected. There is no willing with the actions of trying to take a group of people down. 

Of course we’ve come a long way but there’s still a lot of work to do. Some not understanding what’s really occurring here. The same old “discrimination” but there’s differences. No dogs, water attacks, but some of the others hateful acts continue. African Americans can be threatened but if we did the same then we’d be punished. Of course African Americans have and probably will continue to be mistreated but there has to be some willing to take a stand and not allow all of these injustices to place. 

Even some organizations which claim to help African Americans are unfair. Only catering to a certain group of African Americans. As long as we’re unwilling to speak out then these occurrences will continue. The “actions” of some will certainly produce some unsettling for a whole lot of people. There’s a lot of rights being violated and some feel as if they have every right to do so. Not true. Eventually their high horse will fall and then they’ll wonder why. 

We’ve put up with a lot and there’s no reason why we should allow any group of people to continuously cause harm. Some will stand back and watch their own people attacked and “refuse to” say a word but wouldn’t want the tables turned. If no one else is willing to take a stand then  Tanikka Paulk will. Even our own people will be hateful towards one another. Envious and try to destroy what’s being developed. 

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“The Leaves are a Symbol of Prosperity. Imagine a Tree With no Leaves.” By: 
Tanikka Paulk

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Tanikka Paulk

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