Share the Harlow-McGaw Dream (Part Two)

"Thanks, Clarence."

“Thanks, Clarence.”

Runbum, back once again.

I’d like to thank my deputy editor, Clarence, for keeping the animals in their cages. And kicking the view cheats out of town.

As for the rest of you, I think it’s time for a heart to heart. As much as that idea turns my stomach.


Sometimes an editor is called upon to talk heart to heart.

I’m pretty new to this whole writing for pay thing. But I’ve been around long enough to steer clear of dishonest people. Michelle and Danielle, the site owners, are as honest as it gets.

Trust. That’s why I’m still hanging around.

The owners have a dream – to create and grow a collection of for-pay writing sites that can sustain serious writers who make an honest effort. They want to provide real writers with a real living, not just nickels and dimes, or a few dollars here and there.

Do you share that dream? Would you like to find a real home for your writing? By a home, I mean a community where you can be yourself, write the way you like, and be treated with respect – as an equal. Not a hired gun pumping out reams of written bilge. Not a boot-licking employee.


You don’t care about quality, yet you expect people to take you seriously?

If YOU happen to share that dream with me, take a long, hard look in the mirror. Everyone here. As you probably know already, Harlow-McGaw Media isn’t doing too well. It’s not just because of the view cheats either. The owners can’t make this happen all by themselves. Like generals need an army, Michelle and Danielle need YOU. Are YOU committed to writing high-quality material? Are YOU committed to increasing your output? Are YOU committed to improving your writing skills and presentation? Are YOU committed to learning about search engine optimization? Are YOU committed to promoting your work properly?

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