Share the Harlow-McGaw Dream (Part Two)


So you’re unhappy. Just how do you think the owners feel?

Are you committed to improving at all?

I’m sick of all the whining and complaining about the change in pay structure. OK. Nobody’s happy. It’s a pain. Some of us might earn less.

So how do you think the owners feel? For the past couple of years, they have dedicated countless hours of time and effort helping YOU on a personal basis, and keeping the sites up and growing. They aren’t just losing out on a few pennies or dollars of earning potential. They haven’t earned a cent. In fact, they are in debt. Danielle is waiting tables to scrape by.

They have the vision, knowledge, and grit to make this happen. Their sites might not yet be a financial success, but Michelle and Danielle aren’t losers.

YOU are the losers!


Losers. Not all of you, but most.

This is supposed to be a community, not a commodity for you to use to your advantage and then toss away like a used Kleenex. Sure, it’s important to pursue self-interest. That’s why I’m imploring you all to improve.


“For some reason, people don’t like my personality.”

Yet you’re not much better than the view cheats if you do absolutely nothing to help the community.

Do you think I earn a cent from the hours I spend editing your sorry work? No way. I haven’t developed much of a social network, so I don’t get many views. People don’t like my personality. That’s my weakness. So, in addition to writing posts, I contribute time and expertise where it can help out the most.

So where can you help most? Do you have a big audience? Promote fellow writers’ posts, if you like their work and think your audience would like it too. Are you big on social media? Tell your contacts about for-pay writing and, of course, the HMM sites. Write about your experiences here.


No excuses.

Can’t you dedicate even an hour or two per week to help the community?

We need views. All of us. I don’t care whether the site earns you ten cents per month or a hundred bucks. We can’t get to the next advertising level, which means more money for us all, without views. We can’t finally get these sites, OUR sites, out of the red, earning, and on their way to the top.

Get your act together. Do what it takes. Have some pride.

That’s the only way our dream is ever going to come true.

Signing off,











(images from Pixabay)

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