The Explanation Behind Sheldon Cooper Clock

The Sheldon Cooper clock is a particular kind of a funny wall clock. First of all, it is named after Dr. Sheldon Cooper, the biggest nerd in the television (from the show The Big Bang Theory). Secondly, it is odd that this clock does not appear on the show itself directly. Fans have created this Maths clock with equations—for fans, in honor of Sheldon.


There is nothing particular to be explained about the time denominations of the clock—anyone who has passed through the high school Maths class will be able to figure out the meaning of the equations, except what 10 and 11 hours mean.

Times Explained

The 10th hour is denoted by [g], which actually means the ceiling of the g. The g represents the value of acceleration due to gravity, which is 9.81 per second per second. Since it’s maximum ceiling is 10, g means 10.

The 11th hours is referenced with 0b. This can also be explained with the help of the hexadecimal number system. In the hexadecimal system, b means 11. Thus, 011 is equal to 11. Quite nerdy, right?

The clock is available as an official TBBT merchandise at $25. It even comes with a Big Bang Theory logo!

Picture from CafePress

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