Shine Through the Noise and be Joyful That’s Right

There’s a reason why so many experience certain adversities. Not every person will go through the same trials. Some become discouraged when having to experience a lot of adversity all at once. There will be a lot of trouble and any person who decided to try and achieve even little will have to face a lot of critics. No amount of criticism should cause a detour. What’s said can in no way define who a person is or what a person will achieve. It’s up to the ones who are trying “to elevate” whether to continue on or to allow others to prevent the elevating. 

Shine that’s what we’re suppose to do. The chatter will continue whether a person achieves in one area or decided to venture on to another. The criticism will continue because there’s a lot of people who aren’t confident or insecure and to make themselves feel better they’ll try to others feel down. Shining will incur a lot of competition and not all competitors will play fair. Some will go through extreme measures in order to try and make their competition give up. 

There’s joy in knowing that somewhere there’s cheering going on. If they’re unable to take the dreams away then they’ll try to tear up the character. Happy people won’t bother trying to do such things but the ones who are self loathing will. No matter how they’re feeling about themselves. There shouldn’t be a single thought of giving up on “a dream.” The hate will come but love conquers the hate and light shines through when there’s darkness. 

Some will continue on trying to make others feel bad about trying to live better lives. Observe who are the ones who continue to try and bring person’s down. Racist and evil seen a lot online. That’s where a lot of the bullying takes place. Any person trying to achieve will have to face the critics who may continue on no matter how one “achieves.” They’ll really become angry when their group isn’t able to compete. So what. 

“Dreamers continue on, Visionaries continue on, Discoverers continue on.” Any person who wants to live a dream should be allowed to do so. Too many people are in tuned with being haters and crabs. Perhaps if they would decide to try and produce rather than try and cause misery then they’ll do better. No person who has joy will always be on the grind trying to knock visionaries down. 

Time is wasted and if they are willing to waste their time on foolishness then that’s their decision. Hating on others won’t make their dreams come true. As long as mankind is here then there will always be the good, evil, and the haters will continue doing their job. “Shine anyway” even when the ugly words flow. Don’t be surprised what they’ll come up with. 

“Carry on With the Journey and let the Haters Hate. Love can do Wonders.” “LOVE” Hi/Hello By: Tanikka Paulk

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