Shipwrecks Found, Mysteries Revealed

Several years back four shipwrecks were located. Shipwrecks Found, Mysteries Revealed. Guess what? No pirates were involved or injured in the sinking of those vessels.

“Just the facts, mam.” Well known line from an old TV series called Dragnet. Detective Jack Webb was the character who used to always say that. But which do you prefer? Facts or fiction. I’m a facts person myself. True stories with happy endings or at least a resolution are better than imaginary accounts of people, places and things with fake unrealistic endings or even worse, cliffhangers.


What would you say if a ship set sail one day and then disappeared? You asked what happened. Right? Often the wreckage of ships lost at sea after hundreds, even thousands of years are finally found and the truth as to why they vanished is finally revealed. So all that speculation and all those fictional accounts of what may have possibly happened are all totally worthless.

Several years back four shipwrecks were located: a 9th century Arab dhow; two Spanish galleons owned by King Philip IV of Spain that sank in the 1600s; and a vessel that set sail from Australia in the 1800s. Now we know the answers to what happened, that is,

  • whether they were attacked by pirates; and
  • if they were carrying treasure, how much was recovered.

Sometimes people want to know the answer to a 3rd question: What happened to the crew or passengers? But most of the time, nobody cares about dead people.

Anyway, true accounts have been published which re-create the final voyage of these four vessels. 

So that’s that!  No more unsolved mysteries

Well actually there is still one mystery.  There was a 400-pound, solid-gold statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the baby Jesus that has not been recovered.  Some doubt that it ever even existed.  As for now it remains a legend and a myth.  Maybe one day.

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