Shopping in Osaka, Japan- Visit Dotomori (Dotonbori) and Tenjimbashisuji for Sushi Restaurants, River Cruises Souvenirs

Shopping in Osaka, Japan

Shopping in Osaka, Japan is an interesting experience and is one of the best things to do in Osaka. Japan has a wide variety of products to suit different tastes. Popular Japanese souvenir items available while experiencing Osaka shopping include Japanese art, Japanese dolls such as ceramic kokeshi and even mouse pads and t-shirts from Japan.


Landing at Narita Airport, Tokyo Japan


Choose From a Variety of Souvenirs in Osaka, Japan

Shoppers in an Osaka shopping mall will be exposed to a wide variety of goods and be able to choose from many kinds of traditional instruments and other souvenirs, since Osaka is a point of distribution of goods and souvenirs from many other parts of Japan. Osaka has held this status since the 1600s.

Shopping in Osaka gives local Japanese tourists who travel Osaka from other parts of Japan and international tourists from other parts of the world who travel Japan, the opportunity to shop for specialty souvenirs from all the Japanese provinces in one Osaka shopping mall.

An Osaka shopping mall caters to a wide variety of shoppers and shopping preferences. There are large department stores located near all of the major railway terminals in Osaka. There are also specialized shopping areas for robotics, electronics, toys and home appliances throughout Osaka.

Located under each department store in Osaka are underground shopping areas which seem endless. One of these is Osaka’s Tenjimbashisuji shopping street. The Tenjimbashisujishopping street is famous throughout Japan. The Tenjimbashisuji shopping street holds the distinction of being the longest shopping street in Japan.


Shopping in the Gateway to Japan

Osaka shopping is one of the best since the city is one of Japan’s major cities and due to its location; Osaka often serves as a gateway to Japan. Osaka is the hub of a great deal of international trade which results in the meeting of different cultures and a wide variety of products from across the country.


Downtown Osaka



Shopping in Osaka, Japan- Visit Dotomori (Dotonbori)

Shopping in Osaka, Japan- Visit Dotomori (Dotonbori)


While Shopping in Osaka; Visit Osaka’s Riverside Attractions

Shopping in Osaka, Japan allows persons who travel Japan the opportunity to visit Osaka’s many attractions which are located along the river. Dotomori is a lively area in Osaka and visiting this riverside attraction is one of the best things to do in Osaka.

On the OkawaRiver, water buses can be seen. The biggest water festival in Japan-the Tenjin Matsuri Festival boat procession, is another riverside attraction in Osaka, Japan.


Shopping in an Osaka Shopping Mall or a Specialty Area in Osaka, Japan Saves Time

Shopping in a specialty area in Osaka, Japan allows you to save time and money by being able to easily find and compare prices on the items you are shopping for.

In Japan, octopus balls are known as takoyaki. You can try this takoyaki yourself at home. The Sennichinae Doguyasuji street specializes in supplying tools and equipment to buyers who are shopping for octopus balls deep fryers, woks and other kitchen equipment for the home or business.

If you are shopping for toys for children, the best place in Osaka to visit is the Matsuyamachisuji shopping street. Japanese dolls like these, carp streamers, traditional Japanese New Year’s decorations, hina dolls and other traditional toys can be found on Matsuyamachisujishopping street.


New Year’s Fever at the Nippombashi Arcade in Osaka



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