Short Term Missions – Determining the Purpose and Seeing the Fruits

Short term missions are an opportunity to awaken your heart for service to God. But it is certainly not for everyone. It is for people who have the heart that is wholly surrendered to Him. By joining a mission trip, you will have the chance to discover your heart and to represent Jesus Christ. It enables you to know how committed and determined you are to serve.


You may already have an idea of what short-term missions are about, but you might not have a complete picture of what it can give back in return. As you know, God is wonderful. If you commit to God your time and skills via a short-term mission, you will certainly get many returns. At the end of the day, your experience will surely make you better as a person. But before jumping in to a mission trip opportunity, you need to assess yourself in order to know if you have a calling.


  1. Set specific goals for joining a short-term mission trip and do your best to achieve them.


  1. Do not expect too much from your team mates even if you know you are instructed to support each other. Your team mates have their own problems to solve and you can’t depend on them totally.


  1. Remember that by joining trips for short term missions, you have gone out of your comfort zone. That said, you should be prepared for any eventually including getting bad food, poor living conditions, bad weather and other circumstances that might not be favorable to you.


  1. While you are on a mission trip, your chances to experience loneliness, homesickness, conflicts, and cultural differences are very high – and these will surely put you on a test. When this happens, always remember that you are not alone. Ask God for strength and wisdom to be able to tackle difficult situations.


  1. Your decision to join the mission could have started from a purpose. Let God use you to do his purpose, but you need to pray for guidance to be able to discern what He wants you to accomplish.


The way you do your job in the mission will surely depend on how committed you are to serve God. If you are able to discern His purpose, you should be able to do what He wants. Having performed God’s plan, you should be able to reap certain fruits which include:


Humility – you will soon realize that you are only God’s servant and you are called to serve His people. It can fill you with deep spiritual conviction.


Vulnerability – short term missions can remove all your pretenses of being strong when you’re not. People who are sent on a mission trip are not weak but they are vulnerable.


Flexibility – short term missions can teach you to be flexible because anything can happen during the trip. Just don’t cease to pray for wisdom and guidance. Let Him have full control of all situations.


Learning – part of short term missions require you to teach, but you can actually learn so much from them.


Servanthood –are about accepting a challenge to serve God. You should prepare your heart for this.


God wants all the people to know that He is the Living God, and He is calling people to work for His ministry. If you come across mission trip opportunities, you should discern God’s voice behind those. If you have clear, specific goals that fit with the mission’s objectives, go for it because it will make you an effective missionary.

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