Should You Join a Writing Team?

blogging-336375_640 There are all different kinds of freelance writing positions you can go into. One of them being a writing team. A writing team is where you work with a group of other writers to create large projects. You have a manager (and sometimes you have more than one) who deal with the clients and send you the payments. You also sometimes have an editing team working above you too.

The biggest problem with writing teams is the pay. Whether or not that is a problem for you really depends on what kind of pay you are comfortable with. While I want to get paid more than a penny per word and a few of my clients pay more than a penny per word, a lot of writing teams only pay a penny per word. This is because that same writing team has to go and get something that pays 2, 3, 4, or even 5 cents a word just to be able to afford having a writing team, having an editing team, and running everything through copyscape, etc.

I have recently become the project manager and head editor for a writing team. This is a team that pays a penny per word on most projects (paying more when the budget allows). But, it is a writing team where I was able to grow into a bigger position. I love being able to do something other than just writing and make a little cash. Between this writing team, my writing gigs, and this new marketing venture I have taken. Things are really coming together for me.

Best part? The writing team I am on is hiring if you happen to be an American writer. Be sure and tell her Trisha sent you to speed things along! 

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