Sing Along With VocoPro’s KaraokeDual 100 watt Tablet/Smart TV Karaoke System


If you like Karaoke, then you’ll want to do Karaoke whenever and wherever you can. That means having a portable, self-contained Karaoke machine that you can use at home or which can travel with you no matter where it’s to be taken over to a friend’s house or while on vacation. VocoPro gets it, which is why their KaraokeDual 100 watt Tablet/Smart TV Karaoke System is now your best Karaoke friend.

The KaraokeDual contains everything you need for Karaoke: inside the chassis (complete with built-in handle) is a variety of electronics designed to bring your voice out into the world. Stereo speakers are driven by a 100 watt digital amplifier. This means plenty of volume for singing where the vocals will be clearly heard over the background music. Aiding in providing an overall quality sound is a dedicated subwoofer — here you get the low bass that not only drives the music ahead but grounds it with a solid beat. It’s for this reason the KaraokeDual is called a 2.1 system (i.e., 2 speakers and 1 subwoofer). All since it plugs into a wall outlet, there’s no concerns about batteries or having only a limited amount of time to use it.

Vocals are provided by singing into one of the two wireless microphone — using a direct wireless connection eliminates having to rely on someone’s home network. That also means it can be used in a back yard or on a patio, etc. as long as it can be plugged in for power. The mics sync up to the KaraokeDual and each one has its own independent set of controls going much father than just controlling its volume or the volume of the music being played: the mic has the ability to be heard only on the left channel or right; to be played out in stereo; to eliminate the main vocal track on multiplexed Karaoke tracks or go mute (there’s also an overall function for muffling/reducing vocals on non-Karaoke tracks). There are also 6 levels of “Echo” control (for improving the overall sound of the person singing into the mic) as well as equalization (EQ) variable settings — this adds low end (bass) or middle or high end frequencies which affect the singer’s voice.  Keeping the mics ready to go has been simplified by having dedicated spaces for them on the KaraokeDual’s top.

Of course there has to be a music signal going into the KaraokeDual, so here are the 3 choices: built-in Bluetooth allowing syncing with music streamed from a mobile device like a phone or tablet; a 1/8″ stereo input jack to take music being provided by an MP3 player or other audio device; an optical input that can take a PCM digital signal coming from the digital output of a Smart TV. This enables the KaraokeDual to be used with Karaoke tracks found on YouTube or on dedicated online Karaoke websites.

The KaraokeDual 100 watt Tablet/Smart TV Karaoke System has a series of front mounted LEDs to provide acknowledgment of the functions being enacted and to reassure the user that everything is working as it should. And while not necessarily a “feature,” having a retail of $259 keeps the price well within the means of the Karaoke fan, be that diehard or casual.

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