Karaoke Big Time With VocoPro’s LightShow

LightShow Mobile Karaoke PA System
Being the center of attention at a karaoke bar feels special partly because people are watching, but mostly it’s being on a stage with special effects lighting. That’s why many don’t bother with karaoking when at home — it’s just not the same. VocoPro understands this, which is why there’s now the LightShow. The LightShow has everything you need to karaoke like a pro because it adds all the nice touches that make karaoking work but more importantly fun. Let’s start with what makes it work.

The LightShow is a self-contained, stand alone portable system that goes where you go. So obviously the two wired mics it comes with needs plenty of power to be heard —100 watts to be precise, as broken down into dual 50 watts for each of the two speakers. Those two inputs the microphones are being plugged into are XLR 1/4th” TSR balanced (meaning there are not just for the wired microphones but also for electric guitars), with each mic inputs having its own gain and echo control. Plus there’s also stereo RCA inputs to use too.

Getting the karaoke tracks over to the digital amplifier can be done in one of three ways: using the built-in MP3 player via the SD card slot; using the line input to connect an audio device; using the Bluetooth receiver to sync with a smartphone or tablet. The Bluetooth option is the path of least resistance since you can go to YouTube and grab any of thousands of karaoke songs. And for those most concerned about being on the trending edge, there’s a fourth option of using the digital FM radio for singing along without having to be in the shower.

Now for the fun where the Karaoke bars had the monopoly — lighting. At the top of the LightShow’s chassis is a sound activated LED moonflower light — designed to throw colors and distracting light shards around and around and force you to pay attention to the one singing. There’s also a sound activated DJ light as well.Keeping an eye on all that’s going on comes from the backlit LCD panel. It’s here where you see the various menus and decide on the choices to be made before a mouth gets opened.

Power comes from plugging it into a wall outlet or using the built-in battery. Battery use makes the LightShow truly portable and pretty much trashes any opposition to where you can set it up for belting out your first song. A digital power readout reminds you of how much juice is left, and the rating is 4-6 hours of continuous use (2-3 with the lights active).

Physically the LightShow’s dimensions are 13.74 x10.75 x 18.03” and it weighs a tad over 20 lbs., so yeah it’s not some tiny BT speaker you can put in your pocket. Still it’s well designed for portability — you don’t need look any further than the extendable handle or the casters on the bottom to get that.

The LightShow has a link output for enabling two or more to be connected together. Since it retails for $359.00, acquiring a second one is well within affordability. Not to mention providing the option for being able to really rock the room or wherever the karaoke is going on.

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