Single on Valentine’s Day? Make the Most of It

Show your love to others!Valentine’s Day is supposed to be all about romance. If you find yourself single on Valentine’s Day, it can be very depressing. A new widow will feel especially sad and lonely if they were used to a spouse making a big deal out of it with candy or flowers. The best thing to do is start a new tradition. It’s all about love and caring, so let’s show some.

Girls Only Valentine’s Day

If you have some single gal friends, they are probably dreading Valentine’s day as well. Gather them up and spend a day at a spa, on a shopping spree or anything else in your area that is fun. You can even reserve a table at a fancy restaurant, dress to the nines and go enjoy yourself.

Who knows? If you are looking to date, there may even be a group of eligible men at the restaurant that are feeling as lonely as your group is. Turn it into a party and enjoy yourself. If you are not looking, keep it a “girl’s night out” and enjoy each other’s company.

Grandparent’s Valentine’s Day

A grandparent or someone older who suddenly finds their self single due to the death of a spouse may not be ready to be quite so social. If you have grandchildren nearby, or even just kids you enjoy, offer to babysit so that their parents can go out. Have a game night with them, a movie night or a tea party.

Kids love platters of heart shaped cookies, little goodie bags or even just being part of what is usually considered an adult holiday. Have fun with them by being silly and acting like a child. They will enjoy it and so will you.

Dual Generation Valentine’s Day

Maybe you are young and single and just not into the social scene right now. Instead of spending Valentine’s Day alone, offer to take an elderly single person to dinner or a movie. Get them to talk about how they celebrated such a romantic day when they were young. They will get to reminisce and you might learn a little family history.

Remember that Valentine’s Day is supposed to be all about love and caring. That doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be a spouse, boyfriend or significant other. Find ways to show other people a little love. It will make you both feel better in the long run.


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