Sleeping Beauty Turquoise: Gem of an Offering from Mother Nature!

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise: A Brief Introduction

Revered and highly sought after, this variety of turquoise owes its popularity to its unadulterated sky blue color which exhibits rare or no veining or webbing. This beautiful stone got its name from the mountain where it is mined. (Many believed that the mountain resembles sleeping woman and as such the stone got its name.) Though the mountain was named long back but once mining got underway the iconic name got stuck to the stone.

The Historical Connect

Though turquoise has a long and chequered history that dates back to thousands of years, this particular variety of turquoise, however, is a very recent phenomenon. It was only a few decades back that it was mined from obscurity. The Sleeping Beauty Mine in Globe, Arizona is credited to produce the best quality of this variant of turquoise.   

Why is Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Jewelry Popular?

sleeping beauty turquoise rings

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Ring – Photo by Shop LC [CC BY-SA 3.0] –

As a rare and precious gemstone, it has commanded considerable value as an ornamental stone for years. The stone is even today used extensively in different jewelry products, and needless to say, finds quite a few takers around the world. The biggest draw of any Sleeping Beauty Turquoise jewelry product, be it earrings, rings, bracelets or necklaces, is that it brings about a unique appeal in the wearer with its flawless charm and lustre. These beauties compliment both formal and casual getups and go a long way in elevating the wearer to limelight.

How to take Care of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Jewelry?

Like any other jewelry products, jewelries made from this gem also need careful handling. Some of the steps that will ensure that these products maintain their lustre for long are listed below.

  • Its jewelry items should be kept separately from other gemstones and jewelry.
  • Avoid using soap, strong chemicals and perfume etc. on this variety of jewelry products.
  • Avoid wearing these jewelries while performing strenuous activities which include playing or exercising or while doing household work.
  • Avoid using jewelry cleaners to clean jewelries made from this gem. This might lead to the jewelries losing their shine and lustre.
  • Use soft brush and soft cloth to clean and wipe this variety of jewelries.

    Advantage Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

    This particular variety of turquoise has remained a popular gemstone for jewelry making ever since it was found. Apart from adding unrestrained glamour to the wearer, the stone is also believed to possess healing and spiritual qualities that further adds on to its value.

    It is for all the above mentioned reasons that this variety of turquoise has captured the imagination of a large number of people around the world ever since it was first discovered. The popularity that the stone enjoys today is a clear pointer towards the fact that coming days would see its popularity grow even more.

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