Sliding The African And Traditional Way

Perhaps sliding the traditional way is one of the most thrilling activity in my community. It is second to bull fighting which has gained both local and international recognition.

Just as there are many games that are played round the world, children are not left behind in these games. Perhaps the internet has provided more enjoyable games which people get involved in,yet they do not exercise the body and mind as much as physical games. There are modern slides that are used in schools and kindergartens today. Yet unlike the modern slides the ones used in my community are traditional and very creative.

The slide is normally on a sloppy ground. A path should be cleared from the top of the slope to the bottom.

As lubrication, cow-dung smeared on the path which was made before. Little water should be sprinkled on the cow dung to make it wet. Wet cow dung normally slides more easily than dry cow dung.

Next a banana stem should be about three meters long. At one end of the banana stem, a stick was wedged in to enter from one end of the banana stem to the other. These were used as feet rests as one cruised down the slope

The banana stem was normally carried at the top of the slope. A child sat on the banana stem resting his or her feet on the stick that was wedged in the stem. Then the banana stem with its rider on top was pushed down the valley. The faster the speed the more the thrill. Once down the valley, the rider was to carry the stem up the slope ready for the next slider. The sliding game had many disadvantages. The rider could crash on the slope with the banana stem rolling on him or her. The stick wedges on the stem could easily wedge itself on the foot of the rider if an accident occurs. Normally the game made riders very dirty.The sliding also had the tendency of tearing the shorts on each side of the buttocks. This due to the fact that at times the rider could find himself sliding on bare bums as the banana stem he was riding on could slip off.

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