Small Business Owners: Places to Leave Your Business Cards

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Owning a small business often means accomplishing a lot with a limited budget.  Since you need more customers to grow your business, using any method possible to connect is in your best interests.  Instead of handing out business cards only when they are requested, try leaving them in places where potential clients can find them.  Here are some locations that may have escaped your notice.

The Supermarket

It is not unusual for supermarkets to have community bulletin boards near the front entrances.  People use those boards to post everything from giving away cats to moving sales.  Take along a push pin the next time you need to buy food and leave a few of your cards pinned to the board.  They are bound to capture the attention of someone who could use your services.

The Waiting Room

See that stack of magazines in your doctor’s waiting room?  People browse through those as they wait for their turn.  What happens if you decide to insert a few of your cards inside the magazines on top?  The very next person to leaf through that magazine could be someone who is looking for the type of product you have to sell.

The Local Coffee Shop

Other local business owners are often happy to help out customers who also happen to own small businesses.  If you routinely stop by a local coffee shop or a diner, see if they have a spot set up for people to leave a few of their business cards.  Throughout the day, people will see your cards and at least begin to recognize the name of your business.  That could turn into a lead later on.

The Park

While this may seem like a long shot, busy people who need goods or services do visit parks.  By choosing to leave a card or two near a park bench or on a picnic table, you might make a connection with a potential client.  Considering the low cost of business cards, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Check around your town and be on the lookout for other places where you can leave some of your cards.  Always honor any rules or requests to refrain from intentionally leaving cards on hand, but make the most of places that have no such rules or that encourage local business owners to leave some behind.  You may end up with an increase in business volume, something that will make you very happy at the end of the month.

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