Smarten Up Your Luggage With The AIRBOLT Smart Travel Lock

AIRBOLT Smart Travel Lock
Locking luggage for a trip has gone beyond being a hassle because flying has gone beyond being simple. So if there’s a way to protect your luggage differently now that we’re in the 21st Century, why not use it? And if that way goes beyond just mimicking a padlock, even better. So if you want to add high-tech features without aggravation, there’s the AIRBOLT Smart Travel Lock.

The AIRBOLT is small and obvious in what it does: lock your luggage so things stay inside and others outside stay out (with the exception of the TSA since it’s Travel Sentry compliant and so won’t be destroyed should they decide to have a look-see). But where it gets “smarter” than other so-called “smart locks” is in what it does beyond just safeguarding the luggage: it keeps a record of it being used so you can check just who, if any, has been mucking around with it. That requires the free app (iOS/Android) but you’re using it to lock/unlock the AIRBOLT anyway, and since you’ve registered to have your ID/account tied to the lock, now what you can do involves more choices. Want it to automatically unlock when you’re right in its face? Sure. Or how about requiring a password to be entered instead first? It can do that. And if you want to go really, really old-school, you can use your fingers to physically manipulate the AIRBOLT and unlock it that way.

The app can even allow designated others somewhere else to use the app to unlock if you want because they’re waiting for the luggage while you hit the bathroom. Of course the app can also be told to alert you when the luggage is being shoved out for pickup — proximity being done by Bluetooth which means being in range.

But added in are two other security features when the luggage is still under your eye: the first being that you can have this lock sound an alarm should it suddenly decide to “walk” away (i.e., somebody’s trying to make off with what’s yours), and there’s also crowdsourced location tracking for keeping an “eye” on your luggage when it’s in transit.

The AIRBOLT Smart Travel Lock comes in either an all-black or Cape Cod Grey color, is durable thanks to a die-cast zinc body and stainless steel rope, is water resistant and powered through a built-in rechargeable battery which charges via USB and holds that charge for up to a year. No battery to forget to replace before heading from the airport or the power running out just when it’s needed most. It’s got your luggage’s back so all you got to do is spend $79.95 to get one.

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