Snow in the Desert

This is just wrong.  It isn’t supposed to snow in the desert!

Snow on the Chair

I love living in the southwest section of the United States, mainly for the weather. It’s hot and dry, the sun always shines and it hardly ever rains. I lived in Las Vegas, Nevada for 25 years, if you’ve ever been there you know how hot it gets…I love it. Now I’m in Arizona, not too far from Las Vegas, and the weather here is beautiful, usually.

It was a day to remember, December 30, 2014, I went outside to sit on the deck and look at the stars, it was about 11:30 in the evening . To my surprise, it was snowing! The flakes were sparse and no bigger than a piece of dust slowly swirling around but not sticking to the ground. I went back inside.

The next morning was New Year’s Eve, I woke up and went outside to feed the rabbits and birds as I always do. To my amazement, it was still snowing but the flakes were bigger than the night before and they were sticking to the ground. There were no birds to feed and only one rabbit came for carrots.

Rabbit in Snow

There was snow everywhere, including on my car, on the deck and lawn chairs. I’ve lived here for a little over a year, but the locals tell me that the last time it snowed was 8 years ago. It isn’t supposed to snow in the desert…

Snow on the Deck

All photos by Candy Dorsey

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