Snow Outside-But wait! It’s April

   Here in West Virginia, it’s snowing in April. When I woke and looked outside the window, this sight greeted me:  everything was covered with a white blanket of snow.



April showers

Bring May flowers,

But April snow?

I just don’t know.

   It’s too warm for snow. It’s 36 degrees. Granted, snow occurs at 32 degrees Farenheit, but not this much snow. It’s really coming down-big heavy snowflakes.

   But this is a nice present, when I think about it. Since it’s warm, the snow isn’t too much of an inconvenience. I went to the grocery store earlier and had to brush snow off the car. The snow came off easily and the door wasn’t frozen, like I had feared.

   I’m glad I haven’t planted anything. It’s too soon to plant, but some seed manufacturers recommend early planting for some vegetables. I wonder what is going to happen to the wildflowers and spring seedlings that have sprung up? But in the next second, I remember freak weather like this has happened before. Somehow. nature bounces back. The show must go on.

   What about the ducks in the stream nearby? They’ll adjust. Chances are they’ve flown somewhere warmed; but they’ll be back when it heats up.

   If nothing else, I hope snow this kills the wasps. Wasps are nasty, annoying creatures, anyway, with no purpose but to annoy and sting. A wasp died lay on my window sill dying today, and one of my cats started to grab it. I caught her in time. A friend’s cat grabbed a wasp; it stung her lip, which meant a trip to the vet, and the poor kitty was miserable for weeks.

   The snow has messed up my daily road trips. I’ve had to cancel-I like to drive for about an hour every day, to nowhere in particular except around. Perhaps to a neighboring town, just to get out for a change of scenery.

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