So Much to Do, So Little Motivation


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Well, my “days off” have officially begun.  

So far the only thing I’ve managed to do is go for coffee with my mom and niece!  That’s good and all but I haven’t done any of the other stuff I’ve planned yet.

I am actually, at the moment, working on applications for Daily Two Cents and our other sites.  I don’t know how many people know this but I go through each application, reading their samples, before approving people to write on any of our sites.  That’s just one of the steps we take to make sure that the quality of our sites stays good.

Then I’m going to set up tweets to be sent out on Twitter. I still use BufferApp for that.  I use HootSuite for my personal accounts sometimes but BufferApp is most awesome for scheduling social media.  I try to have tweets go out from each site but most posts get tweeted at some point or another.

After I’m done with the HMM business, I’ll start working on my article. I have a 2500-3000 word article that needs to be written, like yesterday!  Seriously.  I need to find a way to finish that today!

Daily Two Cents is on my mind a lot lately.  I know that HMM has a lot of sites and they are all equally important but Daily Two Cents holds a special part in my heart.  It was the site that I created and then later merged under the HMM network of sites.  I knew I could never do as much with it on my own as Michelle and I could do with it together.  Michelle has special skills that I don’t have and vice versa.  It’s why we work so well together. 🙂  So ya, Daily Two Cents means a lot to me and I’d like to see it grow.

Anyway, the thoughts in my brain are distracting me from the work I need to get done.  I should likely just get off the Internet when I’m done with my HMM business.  But I won’t. LOL – I will get my work done today though!

What are you up to today?

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