Social Media Marketing Plan

Social Media Marketing Plan

Twitter Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing Plan

Having a good social media marketing plan is just as important as ensuring your new post or article, has taken into account proper SEO techniques. Maximizing your with the aid of Twitter is an important part of any effective social media marketing effort. The right social media marketing strategy will make a big difference in the result and rewards you get from your online blogging efforts.

4 Key Twitter Social Marketing Tips


Here are some simple, yet critically important, Twitter Tips. You need know and be aware of the reason for the importance on each of these tips. 

– The perfect tweet has 100 characters or less in total. You are allowed 140 spaces, but you lose up to 17% of engagement results if your tweet is more than 100 characters in length.

– Use the Google URL Shortening tool for every social media marketing effort you make using Twitter. This provides you with shorter tweets and a record of how many clicks are gained for every post that you write. 

– Select and use the best Hashtags you can find. Never put more than two Hashtags on any tweet. Two Hashtags that are selected properly will get you up to 30% more click through than will three. 

Re-post your tweets using modified, yet still relevant, tweet text.  Tweet quality content that belong to other writers, mixed in with the social media marketing tweets of your own.

Following this Marketing Plan idea and using these Twitter Tips will increase your reach, your click through rate and your conversions. SMM, SMO and SEO are the names of the game. Once you get a handle on Social Marketing with Twitter, you can expand your reach into other social media platforms. Facebook, Pinterest, Instragram, Google+, Tumblr are all major important social media platforms that allow you to draw visitors using hashtags.  If you use this plan, please return to leave comments about how it helped you. If you find other things that can be done to improve the performance of the plan, please contribute and let us know.

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