Sunlight Does the Charging For the Solar Power Phone Charger

Solar Phone Charger
Smartphones have become the default packing item when it’s time to hit the great outdoors – be that a camping trip, outdoor excursion, time in a park or hours spent in the backyard. Don’t let it be said that cold weather can dampen the outdoor enthusiast, because it can’t . But who knows how many great activities outdoors have fallen prey to the failure of the phone’s dwindling power. So a battery charger makes a lot of sense to take on any trip. But since an electrical outlet or charging USB power supply isn’t so readily accessible all the time, the charger that gets taken should be one powered by a source that doesn’t care for USB plugs or extension outlets. In other words, the Sun. That’s why the Solar Power Phone Charger is the battery backup to take along.

So first the most important specification — the power output. The Solar has 10,000mAH of power once it’s soaked up the rays. That’s plenty, but since you’re using the Sun, just keep the SOLAR out where its solar panel can hit the sunlight. There’s a charging indicator that lights up to prove it’s using the Sun to charge, so no worries that nothing is happening.

The Solar also has two outputs for USB cords. That’s because it can charge two devices at the same time — a real time saver when it’s not just your lonesome outdoors. It can also act as a flashlight because flashlight tech is built inside. This makes it a lot more useful when it’s dark and charging gets a rest.

There’s two other ways that the Solar shows that it’s been made for outdoor use; the first being that it’s waterproof. So while putting it on a rock near a lake where the Sun is hitting “just right” wouldn’t make sense if there was a chance of it falling into the water an going “pffitt” (Murphy’s Law saying that is a real possibility). Because that can’t happen to the SOLAR, it probably won’t ever happen. But if it does, just wipe it off.

The Solar also has a compass embedded as part of its design. Sure a smartphone can probably do the job digitally, but there’s no fun in that. You’re not in the digital world right now so act like it and rely on conventional “old school” techniques to make your way around.

The Solar Power Phone Charger includes a hanger clip and retails for $39.99. The cost of the Sun is free.

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