Sold Out Conceptual Individuals Enter The Yearning

People drifting by, floating in a dream

Obsessing over all the of the basic things.

People fill their mind with gossip from tv screens.

From this they hear a message

But it will never set them free

 People  fill their minds, with things that they have heard

As i sit and watch, i find it quite absurd.

There’s not a single place for thoughts, the average mind is clouded.

People exchange this loss for use of their electronics.

People constantly obsess over other peoples lives.

Then they sit whine and complain always yelling why?

People say their lives are bad and that they’re stuck in a pit.

Believe me I’ve been through worse build a ladder get out of it.

I’ve been homeless I’ve had houses.

It doesn’t mean a thing

Use your skill and work ethic 

To earn yourself the win.

I’m tired of people whining about how their lives should be.

Take control of your life manifest your destiny.

Are you sitting there complaining about how your life’s too hard?

Ive got a sever case of lupus and ive still gone really far

Im saying this to help this statementis so true

If a disabled person can do it you can do it too.

Find Yourself some silence so you can figure out who you are

All the ruckus blinds you and makes it hard to see far.

Other people’s thoughts make it hard to just be you.

Don’t listen to what they say unless they’re speaking truth

Truth can be hard to find when people are telling lies.

But once you find the truth it stays within your eyes.

Grasp it tight don’t let it go because people will try and deceive.

Once you’ve found the truth in the truth believe.

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