Solitaire Engagement Ring: A Forever Style Enhancer

Solitaire Engagement Rings

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Size does matter…..but so does the size of the emotion behind it.

-Elizabeth Taylor

Solitaire rings are treasured for their conventional design and representation. Being very pretty, these rings add a feel of attraction to your expression. While being classy and dazzling, these pieces are projected with diamonds to colored gemstones. Extracting its name from the French meaning “alone”, the solitaire ring is embedded with a single center gemstone. Conceivably the most popular flair of an engagement ring, this design claims stylishness in its uncomplicatedness.

Journey of Solitaire Ring Through History


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The journey of this timeless ring dates back to 1477, when Archduke Maximilian of Austria presented a beautiful ring to Mary of Burgundy. The tradition went on, but it was most popularized in 1886 with the arrival of the Tiffany-style ring with solitaire diamond and changed the mindset forever. The focal point of this style of ring is the impressive center gemstone with no smaller gems to divert attention from it. The design allows the center gemstone for thoroughgoing light play and sparkle. The solitaire ring styles have since then moved from women to men with the simplicity of design.

Significance & Symbolism of Solitaire Engagement Ring

solitaire engagement ring

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The popularity of single crowned diamond or colored gemstone in a stylish band is appreciated by every woman. Loved for its beauty, this ring’s one large stone best symbolizes the coming relationship in which two shall become one. Being the most popular choice around the world, the ring with solitaire diamond has moved to the sphere of colored gemstone. Solitaire engagement rings are the standard choice for women as they rarely go out of style. Bursting with color and splendor of single gemstone, this style is an impeccable choice for any fashionable women. If you are preparing to surprise your lady with a ring, a solitaire ring with your choice of the gemstone is a selection that she will always treasure.

Fashion Preference: From Diamond to Colored Gemstone
Are you thinking of buying a special ring for yourself or your partner? The designer solitaire ring is the impeccable choice for any occasion. The traditional style of this ring is loaded with an enduring charm that will glow high as time passes. Today the solitaire rings put a totally contemporary spin to the classic style.

Desired Ring Style


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Setting: – The solitaires are crowned in a beautiful ring with two settings; prong and bezel. Prong allows the gemstone to highlight its brilliance and sparkle with great shine while the bezel gives a protected shield to gemstone making it daily wearable. Both gemstone settings have their beauty and appearance that is the choice of your taste. Different designs of rings produce a unique essence to the appearance to the ring with the little twist in gemstone setting styles.


Band: – While selecting the perfect band for a solitaire, few things need to be considered such as the color of the metal, the broadness of the band and the style of the band (plain or engraved). Such selection also needs to include the personality and style of your partner as this ring will be with you for your lifetime.

The Solitaire: Elevating You to Limelight Everywhere
Gemstone solitaire ring creates an undoubtedly striking look for anyone who wants to gift a forever essence of love. Standing alone, the solitaire captures all eyes from all corners with its enduring brilliance. Being a precious gesture towards the person it is gifted, a solitaire is a crowned beauty that will not die with age. While presenting your love, attachment and emotions to your beloved, a solitaire is a worth giving her a surprise of her life.

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