Sometimes the Best Strategies to use are to be Silent

When there are so many wanting to know every move a person makes. There has to be a way to keep some of what goes on private. What is the big deal? Why are so many in tuned with the decisions a person makes in their lives? There are some who feel the need to control the lives of others. Some who want to be apart of every decision a person makes. The most annoying thing is the fact that so many want to be in control. We’re entitled to make decisions. Even if the decisions aren’t the best decisions. Some are quite understanding that there are some who may not want others to know what direction they’re headed in. 

There are many reasons why some may want a person to stay put. There should be some venturing. Every single move is under a microscope. “The right to privacy” has gone out the window. Some may ask questions in order to try to obtain some information. No wonder some choose to find a hiding spot. Imagine being watched 24/7. Well celebrities are aware of how some will invade privacy. Pretty annoying but there are ways to get to the desired location. 

Although trying to do so may be difficult. Somehow the solutions to the problems will be solved. Even writing down some of the ideas of where one wants to go may be “observed” by some. With so many people wanting to control every aspect of a person’s life. There may be times when there is little to no communicate going on. The thoughts of exactly how to get pass all of the controlling people. All of the negativity certainly isn’t welcomed. 

The belief there is a way must remain. No matter how challenging some may be. There are ways to through the individuals off. If they’re so focused on one area then allow the individuals to focus on the areas but make other plans in silence. It’s unfortunate that some aren’t able to just accomplish whatever they’re “wanting to accomplish” without having so many on their bottoms. Some seem to be holding on as if they’ll be traveling along. 

There will be some who appear to not sleep because they’re always lurking about to see what the next move will be. There will be days where there is a lot of pondering going on. Some may feel as if they’re rights have been taken away. Not understanding why so many are focused on what belongs to a person and that’s their life and “decision making.” Of course there is nothing wrong with some being concerned for another but to be so invasive isn’t healthy. 

By: Tanikka Paulk

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