Sometimes a Blank Stare is all one has

Ever come in contact with some people who just pinch the nerves? Every word that comes out of their mouths is like a privately scream. Really? The desire to avoid such folks is large. Gosh. All a person can do is just stare. Staring online. That’s most of the people are. Again really? When there’s “absolutely” nothing to say but a stare is all they’ll receive. Have to be kidding. Yes, there’s some pretty annoying people on and offline. Some are so annoying just seeing their name is like a pain in the rear. 

What can one do about annoying people? Well, either accept that they’re annoying, avoid the individuals, or just pay little to no attention to what they’re saying. No matter what reaction is given. They’re continue to say and do whatever it is they do. That’s right. Perhaps not offering a response will let the individuals know that there is no interest in their antics. No response no reason for the individuals to go back and fourth. 

Of course they may start up the next day or so. Once there’s a decision to just proceed and not waste time on silliness then life will go smoother. Some are seeking a response and that’s why they;ll receive the stare. Just look at the name and words and be like, “What oh What?” Keep moving and know that there are some who live their lives to annoy others. Mostly the ones who are bored or looking for some action. Soon enough they’ll realize that their antics aren’t working and move on to something else. 

Who has time to be consumed with a bunch of foolishness? There’s always something going on with the same group of people. Let a day go by without supplying the negativity please. Starring right now. Almost like a child rolling their eyes. For real? Yes, that’s how it is sometimes, some act as if they were purposed to annoy others. Question: What’s the Purpose. The Imitation Response From the Ones who Annoy, “Just to Annoy Certain Individuals.” Oh well certainly are doing a swell job. 

Chuckling. Just thinking about some of the individuals offers a few chuckles. There are some days where they’re less annoying. Cherish the days when they’re a bit calmer. Never know what they’ll come up with next. Perhaps “no response” at all will detour the individuals away from trying to take jabs. Possibly. never know though. Some are really in tuned with their job annoying folks. So there are some who aren’t even considering stopping. 

Online can be a very troubling and of course the offline antics can be something else as well. The key is to find peace somehow. Do some blocking. Blocking some right out of the mind. Removing the words that’s said and thinking about progress. Not allowing the negatives to pull down. They’ll say but not paying any attention to what they’re saying is a great way to “obtain peace.”

“Not Able to Control What Some Will and no Response Works Best a lot of the Times.” By: Tanikka Paulk

“Need for Peace” T. Paulk

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