The Desire to Want to Know What Occurred

Look closely and see what you’ll find. Never know. There’s a lot of discoveries whether good or bad. Somethings we may not understand at first. The occurrences seem distant when there’s blurry vision. Once the thoughts are clear then there we’ll find some clues. Keep looking and searching for new discoveries. Life is filled with all sorts of lessons and information to obtain.” No situation deserves to be handled in a spiteful manner.” No matter what occurs. Finding out the truth helps produce peace. 

It’s alright to want to know more about a situation. Use caution. Sometimes knowing can produce harsh feelings. Feelings hard to manage and difficult to suppress. Sometimes it’s best to just leave matters alone. For some wanting to get to the bottom of what occurred allows serenity in. To know means a lot to a whole lot of course. Of course we don’t need to know everything. Imagine having too much information within. Certainly would place a lot of stress on the mind and body.

Some information will be left out and some obtained when we’re not searching. If certain data will create more problems then perhaps the data should be left alone. There’s no need to process information that’s going to be harmful. If it’s something that’s going to benefit in some way then taking time to find out what we feel we need to know should occur. Sometimes we may think we want to know but once the information is obtained there could be an empty feeling.

Being too curious isn’t healthy. Of course if something devastating occurred we’ll want to know why or how we’re able to prevent future occurrences. “It’s only natural to be curious but not having the right motives can be quite harmful.” If anger is the reason for wanting to find out what occurred then the outcome won’t be a good one. Perhaps wanting to find out what really happened should occur when the emotions have left. 

Being overly emotional is when individuals aren’t thinking rashly. More problems occur when the mind has strayed. It’s better to “think good thoughts” and perhaps pray about the situation. Sometimes letting go is what needs to be done. Reliving it all over again will generate sadness and anger. That’s why it’s suggested that we talk to a professional. It’s not healthy to keep the emotions inside. At least talking to a friend or family member may help. Don’t seek information to be spiteful. It’s understandable to want to know what occurred. 

“We’ll Want to Know About Certain Events but it Doesn’t Mean Knowing Will be Beneficial.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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