Sometimes More Elevation Occurs in Newness

Deciding to leave one are for another can be a big decision but may be necessary for “advancement.” Yes, we’ll have to get out of that comfort zone, leave some people behind. Elevation occurs when we make different choices. Find other ways to grow. There’s lots of people who have left their current location in order to progress. The move should occur if there’s a lot of resistance in one area. In order to be more effective there will need to be some changes. 

There needs to be a decision to make a difference. Sometimes it’s difficult to make a difference in one area so there may need to be some transforming taking place. The decision to move from here to there should be a decision based on what’s necessary and what’s best. Change will always occur but some are so unwilling to accept change. 

When we’re trying to make progress some may not be satisfied. May try to create a stall. Once a decision has been made no one should change the decision. That’s why it’s important that we’re sure when deciding to make a big move. Refusing to be left behind. It’s important that we try to at least make a difference. Even a small difference can be so meaningful. 

There may be some difficulties when trying to transfer from one destination to another. If tge “determination” is there then we’ll be successful. Some choose to leave one place and travel to another because they’re trying to live a more fulfilling life. For some it’s important to create change even when difficulties arise. Moving is sometimes the best thing to do. More effectiveness may occur elsewhere. 

If we find that small changes aren’t generating what we’ve hoped then we should find a way to generate greater progress. That means that there will need to be a transformation. Leaving the familiar to get to know the unfamiliar. Sometimes we’ll find that so many are unable to accept the decisions that we’ll sometimes have to make. 

If we’re in a location and there’s too much dysfunctions then relocating may be necessary. Some areas are beyond reach. It may take a whole army to rebuild an area. Advancement doesn’t always come easy. There will need to be some “building up” before a complete transformation can occur. No one should be fearful about having to make changes in order to live better or to create better environments. 

Sometimes a move needs to occur in silence due to resistamce. Not everyone is able to accept change. Some are so afraid of change that they’ll do some harmful things in order to stop a change from occurring. It’s important to make decisioms we’re comfortable with. If moving to a different location seems to be best then that’s what one should do. Not based on other’s opinions but based on what’s best. 

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