Sometimes we Have to Look a Little Closer

There’s the good the bad. The just and unjust. The world is filled with trouble and troubling people. It may be difficult to see some good where there’s so much negativity surrounding “the people.” Society is filled with a lot of injustices and we may become frustrated with little resolutions to such troubling conditions. So many lacking compassion may cause others to think that goodness doesn’t exist. 

Even when some engage in bad activities. They’re equipped with some good. No one is all good but God and Jesus. Mankind is flawed. Will always be flawed as long as mankind is here on earth. There’s no denying that some will create frustrations because of their behavior. We’re able to overcome any challenges thrown our way and we’re able to overcome challenging individuals. 

When we live in a world filled with bullies. We may start to believe that all are bad. The way of thinking but a lot of bad experiences can create thoughts of distrust. Mankind can certainly work on one another’s nerves. Always having to prove something but somewhere there’s a person filled with “love” and through love the goodness will flow. Even in the most difficult environments we can find some light. 

Light is needed to balance everything out. Sometimes we may want to stay clear from dark environments. Difficult environments as well as people can offer some teachings. We all have a lesson to learn. Even bullies have some good within. It may be difficult to bring the goodness out but somewhere inside there’s some light. 

Sometimes we’ll have to work a little harder in order to bring the good out. Of course doing so can be draining. There will be some who will drain energy everywhere they go. Sometimes our efforts aren’t enough and it takes something harsh to generate the good. Some become dark and cold due to pain and bad experiences. Either we try to understand or we remove ourselves from the negativity. 

We don’t have to deal with cynical people or overly critical people but even the cynics can calm down. A tough situation will probably have to arise before a change will come. If we find that we’re becoming overwhelmed by the personalities. A break is needed so that we can regain energy. No need to spend too much time in or around a dysfunctional environment. 

There will always be some light in a dark situation. Where’s lack of compassion. There will be some who will come and offer the compassion that’s acking in an environment. The world is filled with dysfunctional behaviors. We may or may not adjust. We must believe in the good and understand that there will be some bad. The good vs. evil truely exist. There’s some that will try a little harder to supply some good. Look closer and there will be some goodness. 

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