A song for MS started by Oregon Man

A song for MS started by Oregon Man.

“A Song for MS” is a facebook site dedicated to bringing awareness to people with Multiple Sclerosis. It was started by Mark Alaniz who lives with his beloved, Diane who has Multiple Sclerosis. After Mark did the ALS ice bucket challenge he came up with an idea to begin “A Song For MS” to spread awareness of MS to others. The site on facebook asks for musicians to post a video of their music and then to challenge other musicians to do the same.

Well, the site has gone viral, we are getting videos from around the world from all of Mark’s Cigar Box Guitar friends who are keeping the challenge going. Come to the site and go back in time and listen to a unique group of musicians that are posting their videos.
Mark and Diane have been together for over 22 years, and when Diane was first diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis it was Mark who took care of her when she was bedridden for four months. He came home every day after working long hours as a landscaper, and brought up her dinner and took care of her. He became a caregiver and knew the challenges of helping someone who had MS. That was when he came up with the idea, after taking the ALS ice bath challenge, to start the site “A Song for MS” on facebook.

If you want to continue listening to some of Mark’s music, go to cigar box nation.com and look for “Downtown Vinnie” aka Mark. Or go to Utube and look up Downtown Vinnie, he has over 2000 videos downloaded for you to spend hours listening to his cigar box guitar songs, he also plays cigar box mandolin, cigar box banjos, two string, three string, diddley bows (one string cigar box guitars). He uses his looper devices to lay down one track of let’s say cigar box guitar, then he changes instruments and lays down another track over that with his other instruments. Then he adds drums and other percussion instruments. This produces a full band sound but with only one player.

If you would like to attend another brainstorm of Mark’s the Cigar Box Guitar Fest NW held every year, the first Saturday in June, at the Saturday Market in Eugene Oregon come down to hear some of the finest Cigar Box Guitar Players in the nation. The whole day is set aside for Mark the ringleader showcasing cigar box guitar players from around the state and some coming from other states.


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