Soothe Away Stress With TouchPoints Original

TouchPoints Original
You see these devices hooked up to foreheads or put on heads like a hat and wonder, “Is this really how you get rid of stress by looking like something out of a Sci-Fi movie?” But there’s no denying that stress can be bad for a person, both at the time and over time, so the whole idea of neuroscience taking a proactive approach makes sense. Now to take advantage of such technology without stressing out or feeling foolish comes TouchPoints Original; looking more like a fitness tracker to those looking, not using it.

TouchPoints works with an app (iOS/Android) and functions unobtrusively. Each of the two small black “boxes” has a rechargeable battery for powering a “pulsing-like” vibration motor Setup simply requires turning one on using its single button, having the app recognize and connect it via Bluetooth, then the same procedure is done for the other one. The two are now synced together. You can now attach each to the included wristbands, since you’ll be wearing one on each wrist. Or use the included clips or even hold one in each hand. The basic requirement being that both must be used, with one situated at each side of the person, because the TouchPoints alternate back and forth

The app is now used to select from a number of preset conditions: these include Sleep, Focus, Craving, Calm, Performance and Anger. Each of these settings affect the TouchPoints; altering the frequency , intensity and how each overlaps with the other. Of course creating customizing settings can be done as well.

After having picked a setting, what now occurs is a 30 second interval in which the two TouchPoints alternate their vibrations, going from left to right to left to right, repeat. Stress is now decreased through the alternating vibrations creating a tactile stimulation that the body “absorbs” and processes. So as an example, stress could cause “butterflies”in the stomach, but reducing body sensations by altering the body’s stress mechanism changes that. Or to put it another way, it takes the body out of the “fight or flight” feeling and brings out the logical, rational part of the brain (i.e., the parasympathetic nervous system).

So thinking of something stressful minus the body sensation causes the brain to develop a new neural pathway that is neutral to positive. Yep, neuroscience is less easy to explain than making popcorn, but it’s through the physical act of the vibrations that cause a change in the body. Fortunately all you need to know is how to do is to turn on the TouchPoints, run the app and make a selection for up to 715 of your stress to be alleviated and reduced in just 30 seconds.

TouchPoints Original doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t exercise your thoughts to help you reduce stress — you’re not relying on it for doing it all. But by using Touchpoints Original regularly and with an eye towards improving your condition, good things can result. That’s what $240 retail buys.

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