Sound Off With The LectroFan Micro Wireless Sound Machine

LectoFan Micro Wireless Sound Machine

A sound machine can benefit a person looking to remove extraneous noise, help one get to sleep or even blanket over someone snoring. But do they have to look so clunky and 20th Century? ASTI’s LectroFan Micro Wireless Sound Machine compacts high-tech in a little space while going way beyond what’s expected of a sound machine.

First, it fits in your palm. Easily. The speaker is pointing straight up to make the sound omnipresent or, if you’d prefer, 360 degrees to cover all directions outward. Those preferring the sound more directional just need to lift the speaker up and angle it while the base remains stationary. Now the sound goes where it’s pointing. As to what that “sound” consists of, there’s a lot of choices: 5 different fan sounds; 4 different white noise sounds; an ocean sound. All of these are digital which means that they’re not “looped” but continuous, free of the mechanical grit from air moving through blades of a conventional sound machine’s chamber.

And exacting control over the volume is achieved in 1dB increments. That’s about as precise as you can ask for. But you don’t have to ask for a loud response because this is a given — it’s loud all out of proportion to its small size.

The LectroFan Micro also gives you a double choice when it comes to powering those sounds too: you can plug it directly into a USB source and run it, or let the USB charge up its internal battery for outputting for about 16 hours. Either way it’s eminently portable.

The LectroFan Micro Wireless Sound Machine comes in a black/sliver or white/silver color and has a rubberized surface to make for easy gripping — the $39.95 retail makes for easy buying. And if you need to tell yourself that noise masking courtesy of a “sound machine” isn’t something anyone really needs, go ahead and pair it with your smartphone and use it as a Bluetooth speaker. You’ll not only get up to 6 hours of great monaural sound, but you’ll have an excuse for using its sound machine capabilities without embarrassment.

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