The Sounds of Making Progress

We’re given strength and we’re conquerors. To conquer in the toughest of times is a blessing. The more we go through the more strength we’ll gather. Strength in the body and mind. Learning how to remain sane when there’s so much to overcome. To be able to make some progress in each day should be appreciated. The sound of elevating and becoming. “Becoming” what? Becoming better. It’s important to make every attempt to try and grow in some way. Why would anyone want to stay down? Shouldn’t we all want to move up?

Of course it’s not easy. Not easy trying to get ahead when there’s so much resistance. There’s more possibilities than we realize. Just “be patient” and allow the processes to finish. It’s difficult when we’re going through the storms but we’ll have to go through. Life is hard. Going through pain and heartache. Loss but with a loss there’s also a gain. Through sadness. There will be joy.Just hold on and what’s suppose to be will be. Continue to make strides. 

Time can heal whatever we’re going through. All we have to do is allow the time to do its job. Never stop trying. Never give up. Never believe the negatives. If we’re so focused on the negatives then progress won’t occur. Sometimes we’ll have to block out what’s going on inside and out. Listening to positive messages and being surrounded by positive people will also help with development and progression. 

No situation is hopeless. Through continuous action there will be completeness. Even if setbacks occur. The setbacks shouldn’t stop anyone from “continuing” on. Of course we may hear sounds of failure but ignore the failures and focus on the achievements. Effort goes a long way. A lot of times progress is hindered because we’re so focused on what others have to say and doing so can cause delays. 

Keep believing and being apart of growth. Growth continues to occur when we’re making attempts. To try is a start. To continue on despite what’s going on around us is an awesome way to achieve more. In order to make necessary improvements. There will “need” to be removals of things and people who cause setbacks. The ones who assist in developing are the ones to continue traveling on the journey. 

Some are afraid of progression. Afraid of what ahead. The unknowns. Not knowing what will be in the next level or stage of life. Can be pretty scary. “It really takes courage” to be able to do what some are unwilling to do. Have to try right? Not doing so can leave regrets. Everyday we’re here. We’re in a position to elevate. Continue on. 

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