Special Needs Man in Chicago gets abused. It’s a Heinous Hate Crime

A special needs man in Chicago gets abused by four people who have to be the most hateful, cruel people in the world. It’s been called a hate crime. What brings four adults to inflict torture on a man with limited intellectual disability? Mean people still suck. They picked on him because of his disability and because he was white. What prompts people to kidnap and tie up a defenseless kid? They taped his mouth, cut his scalp, made him drink toilet water and kicked him in the stomach. It’s the type of story that affects you in the gut of your very being. Then, the poor dear escaped and ran around disorientated, outside in below zero temperatures with only a shirt and pants wearing only flip flops. He had no coat on. Luckily a police officer rescued him. He’s the true hero in this story. He knew something was wrong and took action.

These cruel people should have the book thrown at them. They should get the most extreme penalty for perpetuating this hate crime against someone who will be traumatized forever.

I spent most of my life in service to people with disabilities, I know people like him, who live good lives, who work and pay taxes. I know I will get calls from them tomorrow asking me why those people did that to that man. What will I tell them?

The divisiveness that the past election created may have had something to do with it. We saw Donald Trump make fun of a man with disabilities. He has shown himself to be bigoted, and a bully. The four people who did this mentioned Trump’s name during their hate crime. One has to see a slight connection to all this.

After working 30 years in service to people with disabilities I ended up being disabled myself. Rather ironic wouldn’t you say? And months before this I had to explain to all of them why Trump mocked a disabled man.Then again when some of them called and asked who would vote for a man like him? And why was he our president? And now this.

What do I tell my disabled friends? Are there any words that will make sense of all this? They have had so many obstacles in their lives, they have overcome their limitations. And to think that they are watching this unfold, what is in their minds tonight? Their fears. What do I tell them?

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Special Needs Man asks why

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