A sports car made up of wood

Yes, you got it right. This is a sports car and it will be made up of wood. This freaky design is the creation of Joe Harmon’s mind who is a graduate student at NC State. As a very unique Graduate project, Joe decided to build a car called “Splinter” whose most of the parts, including chasis and body, will be made up of wood. Now that sounds something really innovative!

The major constructing material to be used in the car is wood and it will be used wherever it’s possible. It is estimated that the Splinter will run at top speed of 240 mph. It will be interesting to see what happens to the wood at this speed. Will the car remain in one piece after reaching at its top speed.

Surely, this car is a unique concept. But, it’s security will be decided after it is completely build. Steel, being a metal, will bend under pressure or jerks. On the other hand, wood can be broken under pressure or jerks. So, safety will be a major issue for the owner of this car.

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